Optometric KPIs and Business Intelligence Dashboards - Intro

A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a measure of performance that can tell how successful a practice is in achieving their goals in specific areas.
You can measure your employees’ attendance, patient capture rates, website traffic, profitability, social media insights, and more. There are hundreds of data points that you can measure in your office every minute of every day. How do you know what’s important?I discovered optometric metrics, analytics, and KPIs from the Management and Business Academy’sKey Metrics of Optometric Practice in 2009. At the time, it was sponsored by Ciba Vision and Essilor and endorsed by the American Optometric Association.

In 2013, I created my first Key Metrics Spreadsheet based on the included 2013 MBA Key Metrics worksheet. I used it to track my KPIs from year to year and that is how my MBA Key Metrics Spreadsheet Project was born.
Fortunately, there are plenty of resources that pinpoint the most recommended KPIs to look at. Just do a quick Google searc…

How to Properly Implement Officemate's Lens Loader

The VSP Interface in Officemate has come a long way from when I implemented it three years ago. You can find the latest VSP Interface checklist on page 483 of Officemate Administration v12.0.3 Guide. The newest implementation method provided by Officemate is a module called the VSP Setup Assistant and it walks you through each step to get VSP Interface up and running.
If you look at the checklist, lens setup is 70% of the VSP Setup Assistant, so using Lens Loader properly is essential to proper VSP Interface implementation. The VSP Setup Assistant is a stripped-down, guided version of properly setup your lenses in Officemate. I want to show you how to properly use the actual Lens Loader feature. How Does Lens Loader Work?The “Lens Loader” feature provided by Officemate is a tool that imports uniformly-named lenses directly from Eyefinity into your database. When you 1) select a lens to import, it 2) filters through the prices set in your 3rd Party Attributes, and 3) creates lens combina…