Optometric KPIs and Business Intelligence Dashboards - Intro

A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a measure of performance that can tell how successful a practice is in achieving their goals in specific areas.
You can measure your employees’ attendance, patient capture rates, website traffic, profitability, social media insights, and more. There are hundreds of data points that you can measure in your office every minute of every day.

How to Properly Implement Officemate's Lens Loader

The VSP Interface in Officemate has come a long way from when I implemented it three years ago. You can find the latest VSP Interface checklist on page 483 of Officemate Administration v12.0.3 Guide. The newest implementation method provided by Officemate is a module called the VSP Setup Assistant and it walks you through each step to get VSP Interface up and running.
If you look at the checklist, lens setup is 70% of the VSP Setup Assistant, so using Lens Loader properly is essential to proper VSP Interface implementation. The VSP Setup Assistant is a stripped-down, guided version of properly setup your lenses in Officemate. I want to show you how to properly use the actual Lens Loader feature.

Patient Communication Tools: A Side-by-Side Comparison

On a podcast of the Power Hour, Dr. Gary Gerber discusses the 4patientcare, DemandForce, SolutionReach and Websystems - ALL on the same episode! This podcast has a lot of good information for those shopping for a patient communication tool.
I have hands-on experience withWebsystems3,DemandForce, andSolutionReach (no affiliate links here) in an optometric practice workflow and they are all powerful platforms that provide an opportunity for streamlining how you communicate with your patients via phone, email, and text messaging. Although I have not personally used4PatientCare, I did do a demo and I know many ODs who use it effectively.

This Simple Checklist Will Keep Your Practice Moving Forward

How do you know that your important management duties are being performed in your practice? No matter the skill or experience, there are many factors that can cause an individual to forget to do a task. We are only human. ChecklistsMany optometric practices feel that they don’t need checklists for routine tasks. But in the event a task is forgotten, who is held accountable? How do you prevent that task not being forgotten again? Having a meaningful checklist for the most common administrative duties can improve efficiency by preventing backlogged tasks, and keep your practice on track by consistently monitoring the necessary systems.

While researching the job duties/descriptions checklists on Review of Optometry Business and Primary Eyecare Network, it made me think -- while a procedural manual will ensure that your staff does certain tasks uniformly and a job description checklist ensures that they are able to do it, how do you ensure that they are being done when they are supposed to …

How to Use Multiple Email Addresses Using One Google Apps Account

"I pay $0.00 a month for Google Apps." Google Apps for Free (Legacy)In 2007, Google was offering free hosted services (applications) for businesses, schools, and other organizations with a domain. Luckily, I was able to see the benefits of this service, signed up, and also convinced multiple offices to sign up with 10 Google Apps accounts each.
There are some differences among the Google Apps Free, Work, and Unlimited versions.

Unfortunately with the free edition, you only get 15GB of storage per user, it is less stable (less than 99.9% uptime, but very close), no Groups for Business support, and you are unable to get a signed Business Associate Agreement(BAA) for HIPAA. The inability to obtain a BAA can be a big security concern, but as long as you set strict rules to keep ePHI away from the Google Apps Free environment (Gmail, Drive, Calendar, etc…) then it can work really well for a small practice.

Because I wanted to save each of these offices $600/year in Google Apps user…

Understanding your Practice Management Software: Categories

Categorizing in your Practice Management (PM) Software is a method in which you group products and services with other similar products and services for reporting purposes. In Officemate, they call it FinancialandProduction Groups and in CrystalPM, it’s classified as a Category. For all intents and purposes, we will use category and group interchangeably.

4 Steps to Creating your Procedure Manual in Google Docs

Looking to create your own Procedure Manual?

In my last article, A "Clickable" Procedure Manual,  I showed you how a clickable manual could be used in your office.  This guide will show you how you can make a procedure manual from scratch using Google Documents.
It is a fairly simple (but lengthy) process and you will need to be familiar with my previous Guide on Making a Guide on Google Docs before proceeding.
Click to Download or Print your FREE Guide: 4 Steps to Creating Your Procedure Manual in Google Docs

A "Clickable" Procedure Manual

***Update April 18,2016*** Learn how to make your own! A new post on 4 Steps to Creating your Procedure Manual in Google Docs

I recently read an article by Neil B. Gailmard, OD on Your Office Procedure Manual (2010) which has a lot of good tips on:
Why you should have a procedure manual How to Start a Manual What to Exclude What you might Include
However, I did not agree with the line in his last paragraph where he states that, “every office is so different that I strongly recommend that you write your own from scratch.”  It’s true, every office has
their own unique workflow- but every office shares the ability to categorize duties by either patient workflow and/or department.
Think about all the duties in your practice.  They can either involve interaction with a patient or a specialized duty performed by a department in your practice.  Although these duties may coincide in both patient workflow and department, categorizing them in this manner will force you to see your staffs' daily rou…