This Simple Checklist Will Keep Your Practice Moving Forward

How do you know that your important management duties are being performed in your practice?
No matter the skill or experience, there are many factors that can cause an individual to forget to do a task. We are only human.


Many optometric practices feel that they don’t need checklists for routine tasks. But in the event a task is forgotten, who is held accountable? How do you prevent that task not being forgotten again? Having a meaningful checklist for the most common administrative duties can improve efficiency by preventing backlogged tasks, and keep your practice on track by consistently monitoring the necessary systems.

While researching the job duties/descriptions checklists on Review of Optometry Business and Primary Eyecare Network, it made me think -- while a procedural manual will ensure that your staff does certain tasks uniformly and a job description checklist ensures that they are able to do it, how do you ensure that they are being done when they are supposed to be done?

Management Checklist

I’ve created this management checklist that will allow your management team to easily reference and ensure that the most important of duties are being performed daily, weekly, monthly, etc. This sample checklist is in Google Spreadsheet format and available for you for FREE to download or add to your Google Apps Drive.
Click on File and select “Make a Copy” to save it to your Google Drive.

Daily Duties

Think about the duties throughout the day that need to be performed. Keep it simple! List a brief description of the task, and group them by category if necessary. If you have a clickable procedure manual, you can take this a step further and link every task/duty to their respective manual.

Weekly and Monthly Duties

Most of these duties consist of monitoring the standard duties performed on a daily basis and measuring the efficiency and productivity of your practice. Depending on your practice workflow, other considerations can include: vendor invoice reconciliation and accounts payable, insurance remittance advice input, etc.

Quarterly and Yearly Duties

Take a step back even further and review your HIPAA protocols, review the ROI of Your Patient Communication Tool to decide if you want to renew, or plan your next trunk show. The possibilities are endless.

Implement this simple checklist to ensure your practices’ systems are running at peak efficiency. Start by downloading your FREE Management Checklist today!
Click on File and select “Make a Copy” to save it to your Google Drive.

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