Update: MBA Key Metrics Spreadsheet Project Version 2 Released!

Version 2 of the MBA Key Metrics Spreadsheet Project is here! Request Access

Thank you everyone for your interest, I did not expect this to be so popular!  There are over 200 of you using this spreadsheet.  I’ve worked very hard since December to interpret additional data into the spreadsheet format.  I put it together as best as I could, but I still need your help!  Please let me know if you find any errors or have any suggestions.  Here are the exciting new features:

**New** Automatically Generated Charts
I’ve created several new automatically generated charts that also now display both the 2015 and 2014 results.

***NEW*** Automatically Generated Recommended Actions
I went through all the necessary actions in the MBA Key Metrics guide and created an automatically generated recommended action list
  • These were the setup formulas:

  • The Recommended Actions list is automatically generated into a simple, one-column, easy-to-read list.

Changes In Automatically Generated Reports
  • The colors for Cost changes have been updated to reflect positive results in reduction of costs.
  • Added OD compensation per hour

Future features
  • Automatically Generated Recommended Action Links:  In the future, I plan to link the recommended action list to relevant articles that expand on the recommended actions.

For those who have requested access to the first version of the Key Metrics Spreadsheet, you will automatically be granted access to Version 2 shortly.

For those who have not used this spreadsheet before, here is a little more information:  
  • The current spreadsheet is in Google Sheets format and is currently under development.  
  • I released the first versions in order to get feedback on making a better Key Metrics Spreadsheet.  
  • If you are interested in obtaining an early version of the spreadsheet, please read this article on how HERE.

  • I am not affiliated with the Management & Business Academy.
  • I am offering this spreadsheet without any guarantee or support (I will not respond to basic spreadsheet support requests).

Thanks again for your interest and support!

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