MBA Key Metrics Spreadsheet Project

For those of you who are new to practice metrics, the Management & Business Academy’s (MBA) Key Metrics: Assessing Optometric Practice Performance guide is your primary resource to help obtain performance indicators of your practice.   You can register and download the latest 2015 guide HERE.
Link updated 2016.02.17. DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with the Management & Business Academy.

If you have a physical copy of the guide, there is a worksheet that is included in the centerfold.  This worksheet is pretty straight-forward to follow, but requires some experience running reports in your practice management software (Officemate, Revolution, CrystalPM, Maximeyes, etc…), financial software (Quickbooks), payroll/time-clock records (Paychex, Intuit Payroll, ADP, HRforHealth, Time-in-a-box), etc.

If you are comfortable obtaining information from the necessary reports, what I have done is taken the guesswork out of the calculations and I have created an easy to fill spreadsheet that will auto-calculate your Key Metrics.  I originally created this spreadsheet in 2013 and have refined it dozens of times to help visualize and easily obtain these metrics.

Key Metrics Worksheet
  • If you have the included worksheet and you have completely filled it out on paper, you can simply enter your values for the past three years and it will obtain your conversion rates automatically.   
  • If you don’t have the worksheet, don’t worry- you can enter the values directly into the spreadsheet.

Automatically Generated Report
The auto report will take the worksheet figures and automatically calculate your Key Metrics and allow you to compare them from year to year.

Automatically Generated Charts
In addition to the reports, I have created two automatically generated charts which will help you compare and visualize your office performance.

Additional Worksheet Options
I have also included extra figures in the spreadsheet, which are not necessary to complete the worksheet, but will allow you to view other figures discussed about in the MBA Key Metrics Guide.

Future features
  • Automatically Generated Recommended Actions: The MBA Key Metrics guide has recommended actions for certain combination of figures.  I am in the process of incorporating those recommended actions to automatically calculate.
  • Additional Charts: At the moment, I only have charts for: Gross Revenue per Complete Exam and Chair Cost per Complete Exam.  I don’t plan on creating all the charts listed on the MBA Key Metrics guide, but will add about three to five more important charts.

The current spreadsheet is in Google Sheets format and is currently under development.  Once completed, I will be offering the final spreadsheet for FREE and will post it here.

I would like your help and suggestions on making a better Key Metrics Spreadsheet before I release it.  If you are interested in obtaining an early version of the spreadsheet, please fill out this FORM.  

What you need:
  • You will need a Gmail or Google Apps email account to access the Google Sheet
  • Fill out interest form here
  • Basic Excel, Google Sheets, and/or Spreadsheet knowledge
  • Copy the main spreadsheet.  Once you have access, please Make a Copy.  You are free to use this spreadsheet for whatever you want.  
    • I am offering this spreadsheet without any guarantee or support (I will not respond to basic spreadsheet support requests).  I do have plans on creating step-by-step guides on editing and running reports to assist filling out the worksheet in the future.
  • Provide feedback.  The Key Metrics Project spreadsheet will be shared as Comment-Only.  If you would like to report an issue/glitch/error/fix, please highlight the field(s) in question and click on Comment, on the upper right hand corner.


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