Force Black Screen in Pre-Testing Rooms

If you need to immediately darken a computer screen in a pretesting room (to calibrate a Humphrey Matrix or other visual field testing equipment), this article will allow you to activate a screensaver/blank screen on demand:

How to Make Windows Start the Screensaver Immediately When Locked'via Blog this'

  1. Make sure you select the "Blank" screensaver in your screensaver options.  
  2. Then follow the link above to "Download, install, and then open [MonitorES utility]. 
  3. Go into the preferences (accessible from the system tray icon), and choose the Auto SSaver On option.
  4. Create a shortcut into your Start Button\Start-up folder to enable the utility after every startup.
  5. To activate the blank screensaver, press Ctrl+L for the lock-screen and the "Blank" screensaver will start.


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