Using PDF Files: PDF Creator and Officemate

To take advantage of Officemate's eDocuments archiving system you will need a PDF printer to archive electronic documents (more information on the last post).  This guide will show you a way to use PDF Creator to integrate with your Officemate Suite.

  1. Install PDF Creator.  Follow the screen prompts and you will be given the option for a server or stand-alone installation.  I recommend the server option for an office with 4 or more computers, that way each user can install the printer as a network printer.  Use stand-alone installation if you wish to customize the naming scheme of the automatically created PDF.  If you have any more questions, feel free to comment below and I can answer them.
  2. After installation, run the PDFCreator program.
  3. Click on Printer (1), then click on Options(2).  (Or press Ctrl + O)
  4. In the option menu, Click on Auto-save (1), Check Use Auto-Save (2).  The next step will customize the filename of the automatically generated file.  Select the "Add a Filename Token" (3) to add variables in the filename.  The example filename will show right below it.  I recommend the filename tokens listed below <Computername>_<DateTime>.  This way if there are multiple users, you will know what computer it came from, and what date and time it was exported.  Finally, Click on  Use this directory for auto-save (4) select the directory O:\OMATE32\DATA\eDocuments\ for the autosave directory.

Your PDF printer is now setup!

To use it
Print from any printable program using the PDFCreator printer.  You can use it to print out insurance authorizations, referral letters, reports, etc... and archive it using eDocuments.

The next step from here requires some novice knowledge of Windows and navigating through file folders.  In the patient's demographic section, you must click on the eDocuments tab and click on Add.  Click on the "Document Type", "Notes" (if applicable),  and then on "Browse" to O:\OMATE32\DATA\eDocuments\.  You will search for the file that was created by the PDFCreator printer (i.e. <Computername>_<DateTime>).  The easiest way to do this is to use "Detail" view and sort by date.  Your file is usually on the top after it is sorted.


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